This guide is to be used as a tip guide. Professional installation of window banners is recommended. Improper installation of banners does not qualify product for a refund or a replacement.


DO use two people to install large banners

DO prepare windshield by removing all dirt, debris, and grease

DO use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove waxes or protectants

DO install your banner in temperatures between 59°F–77°F (Use caution if using a heat gun to elevate surface temperature)


DO NOT get your new banner wet  for 48 hours to allow for the best cure

DO NOT install your banner when temperatures are below 10°C (59°F) and/or above 25°C (77°F) 

DO NOT use glass cleaner or any ammonia based cleaner to surface prep

DO NOT install in direct sunlight


  1. Prep windows by removing dirt and cleaning with alcohol
  2. Lay the banner face down on the clean surface.
  3. Pull the white backing paper off of the vinyl (be careful not to tear the vinyl).


  1. Lightly spray vinyl with a mix of water and baby shampoo. 
  2. Generously spray the windshield and surroundings to prevent the banner from sticking.
  3. Place the banner on the windshield and start moving it to the place you would like it to adhere.
  4. Use a squeegee to remove the water bubbles from under the vinyl.
  5. Use a razor to gently cut the excess vinyl from around the edges of your windshield.
  6. Allow the banner to dry and cure 48 hours before exposing to weather, heat, or wiper blades. 


(Line up and mark banner position on the windshield prior to removing the white backing)

  1. Line banner up on the windshield with the marks set prior to removing the backing.
  2. Starting at the middle and working your way out, have one person hold the banner off the glass as another person uses a squeegee to set the banner to the windshield.
  3. Use a razor to gently cut the excess vinyl around the edges of your windshield.


Note: Small bubbles may take up to a week to evaporate/disappear. If a large bubble occurs and the banner is not able to be repositioned, poke a hole using a needle and gently lay the banner. If any edges lift on the window, use a toothpick and a dab of crazy glue to secure it back down.